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Hyperlink "piano possibile" Ensemble for New Music

We thought that nothing would happen in Munich after "A*devantgarde", but then "piano possibile" appeared with a bang and stirred Munich with exciting and unusual concerts. Now it's their turn to "do" the Internet-thang with their new website...

Hyperlink (duo)²ArchaeOpteryX

This interesting duo with the hard-to-type name is working on a quite spectacular website - watch this space!

Hyperlink A*DEvantgarde

In 1989 I founded, together with Sandeep Bhagwati,i this festival in Munich for New Music of young composers, which took part the 5th time in 1999. A*DEvantgarde ist also always looking for interesting scores of young and yet not well-known composers!

Hyperlink Aaron Haag

Something altogether different: The website of my gaming gorup, countless reviews and essays about board games from around the world!

Mail address Addison, J.

This Cellist forms a Duo with the pianist Rob Broek. They have a very interesting repertoire, including ... blush ... my piece "Bad Attitude" ...

Hyperlink AllesKlar

Ein Register von Homepages aus dem Münchener Raum.

Hyperlink An Overgrown Path Blog

Blog culture has been with us for a while now, but there are not many blogs about contemporary music yet. Bob Shingleton's wonderful blog is written with great care and is - in contrast to many German language new music blogs - open to ALL forms of contemporary music. The thematic spectrum is very wide and Shingleton is always informed and provides links and lots for further infos. Very recommended! See also the link to "sequenza 21"

Hyperlink Andreas Gruen

The personal website of my colleague Andreas Gruen, guitarist and composer, incredibly available also in English, Russian and Lithuanian (!!!)

Hyperlink Andrea Wieland

The 120 percussionists of the World-Cup opening are also sometimes succesful soloists, like Andreas Wieland, for whom percussion is a passion, and who commands more than one genre. Here is his informative website...

Hyperlink audiomicro sound effects

A very good site with professional sound effects, very useful for electronic music projects - I have used it often already!

Hyperlink Aurelia Eggers

The director with the similar name has created the wonderful premiere of my opera for children, "Dr.Popels fiese Falle" (Dr. Snots Scary Scheme). On her very professional website you can find lots of photos of this production, as well as links to many other projects (and hopefully even more projects in the future).

Hyperlink Aventa New Music Society

Aventa New Music Society is a Victoria-based ensemble with a mission statement of performing and fostering new music in British Columbia and Canada. Aventa New Music Society was founded in 2003 to fill a need in Victoria for a professional ensemble capable of performing a wide range of modern repertoire. The ensemble is under the artistic direction of Bill Linwood and is comprised of approximately fifteen musicians. Members are drawn from the ranks of the Victoria Symphony, the University of Victoria, the University of British Columbia and leading freelance players from Victoria and Vancouver.

Hyperlink Bang-On-A-Can

Bang-on-A-Can is one of the younger and most exiting initiatives in the New York scene - there are many parallels to A*Devantgarde!

Hyperlink Bastian Fiebig

Bastian Fiebig is one of the first musicians with whom I worked (when I was still playing Jazz and Rock music). His Homepage presents his various interests: First of all the Saxophone, but also Chili-Music, his music edition, and french wines...

Hyperlink Benjamin Schweitzer

Benjamin Schweitzer is a composer, musical analyst and pianist - interesting are his allusions in some of his pieces to 2 of my absolute favourites: Mussorgsky (in 2 orchestra pieces) and Edgar Allan Poe (Pit & Pendulum).

Hyperlink Berau, Thomas

Thomas Berau is one of my favourite singers (baritone): He premiered my opera "We are at home" in Mannheim and gave me the commission for "Krausseriana". At the moment we both perform regularly in Nuremberg, where we feature in the "Winterreise"-choreography by Daniela Kurz and others. His homepage is professional and programmed by himself.

Hyperlink Bernhard Weidner

Bernhard Weidner is highly regarded by me as a colleague - I work with him for a long time already, also in the mutual organisation of the ADEvantgarde-festival. His website is very professionally presented.

Hyperlink Bertold Hummel

This is the website documenting the life and work of the great composer Bertold Hummel (who is a kind of "grand"-teacher to me, as having been the teacher of Claus Kuehnl). Bertold was very critical towards the internet in his lifetime, but he would be happy about this loving presentation by one of his sons.

Hyperlink Boris Becker

After the false Boris Becker has stepped away from the tennis court, the REAL Boris Becker has more of the spotlight her deserves - the Boris Becker who is an excellent photo artist, Cologne chum and Villa-Massimo-fellow. You can see some of his phantastic works on this website.

Hyperlink Burba, Malta

Malte Burba is one of the truly great trumpet-players, and one of the few, who really indulges in contemporary music. He is also known for his fantastic pedagogic work, and his many writings on brass-instrument technique. I am still waiting (since 5 years) for the recording of a piece that I once wrote for him (In the box, for triple-trumpet), but I love him anyway!

Hyperlink Carlos Sanchez

My mexican colleague Carlos Sanchez is an amazing composer and a wonderful friend. This website - programmed shortly after his triumphant return to Mexico (after he lived in San Francisco for a while), is very informative and professional - you will find a lot about his fascinating music there!

Hyperlink Carola Bark, artist

Spatial Resonance: The Work of Carola Bark

Of all the connections between the various arts, the one between architecture and music is the closest. Both have to do with gradation, proportion, rhythm. Both operate within spaces – be they physical, in which everyday life takes place, or acoustic, which merge into the mental realms of imagination and recollection. And neither of them can be ignored. A painting vanishes once our eyes are closed, but neither the ears can be closed nor our sense of touch suspended.

Carola Bark is a visual artist, but her works give the impression that she could just as easily have become an architect or a musician. So precise is her artistic equipment – simply put, the right-angled intersection of two straight lines – that it can be applied to a wide variety of objects and situations. Her Visual Scores form the basis of her artistic investigations, and since late 1999 a collection of small-format drawings and collages has expanded to include over a hundred. Bark exhibited part of this collection, somewhat as if she were taking a deep breath, before embarking on an entirely different exploration in 2001 with the project The Spatial Resonance of Visual Scores. Here she quite effortlessly broke the boundaries of drawing and marked out architectural details such as wall hatches, stairwells or building-site material with charcoal or adhesive tape. These untitled, ephemeral interventions into deliberately chosen out-of-the-way places have a direct relationship to the numbered wall objects in which her researches are, as it were, condensed. Both areas of investigation reveal an artistic range that is immediately able to cause its surroundings, whatever they may be, to resonate. The doors are open wide.

Philip Ursprung ( 2002)

Hyperlink Classissima

new classical music site in German

Hyperlink Claus Kuehnl

Claus Kuehnl was my first teacher, and I am very grateful for the early support of this excellent composer.

Hyperlink CyberCD

You can order the CD of "Haemmerklavier" directly through the Internet with this mail-order-service, probably quicker than ordering it from me. The link leads directly to the correct web-page.

Hyperlink Daniel Hensel, composer

The young Daniel Hensel is a pupil of Heinz Winbeck, Manfred Trojahn and the late Gerhard Schedl. His music distinguishes itself by great dedication and seriosity. I'm sure we will hear more of him in the future!
On his website you'll find many informations about his work - it is administrated by the composer himself.

Hyperlink The GIGAMESH

The GIGAMESH ...exists! Nobody knows, what heinous crimes against humanity will be done on this website, but one thing is sure: Atanasio Khyrsh has warned as all!

Hyperlink Deutsches Musikinformationszentrum

The online information system of the MIZ (German Music Information Center) gives access to a gigantic database, containing information about competitions, festivals, theaters, organisations, musicians, periodicals. In short: it is an invaluable tool for any person looking for information related to the musical life in Germany (and elsewhere).

Hyperlink Duo "shraeng"

The fantastic guitar duo which will premiere my unplayable piece "riff", and which is also active otherwise, of course! I can only say: virtuosity, intelligence, beauty! :-)

Hyperlink Edition Zeitklang

This is an ambitious and interesting new CD-label, managed by the renowned German composer Bernfried Proeve...check it out!

Hyperlink Edizione Udine

"Croatoan I" won a prize in a competition of this publisher.

Hyperlink Ehrler, Hanno

Hanno Ehrler
I met Hanno Ehrler through my dear teacher Claus Kuehnl: He is an inexhaustable critic, musicologist and journalist!

Hyperlink Ensemble Decadanse

The french composer Frederic Inigo and his friends from the ensemble Decadanse now have their own website. This is very strange and interesting music - very far from the modern music cliches we are so bored of. Order their CDs and be amazed!

Hyperlink Ensemble Sirius

As a contemporary piano-percussion duo that specializes in music of twentieth-century classical composers, E N S E M B L E S I R I U S (Michael Fowler, keyboards and Stuart Gerber, percussion) have been described by one of the most prominent German composers of the late twentieth century, Karlheinz Stockhausen, as “musicians of the highest caliber” and hailed by critics internationally as a duo of unparalleled commitment and virtuosity. They have captivated and stunned audiences on three continents with their innovative programming and enthusiasm to the classics of the 20th century, while at the same time showing a tireless dedication to the creation and promotion of new works by composers of international stature. I had the pleasure to hear them in Cincinnati, and they rocked! Recommended...

Hyperlink Festival Absence

The Festival Absence was launched on February 6, 2003 through an e-mail sent to about twenty people. The message was as follows :

« Announcement
the festival absence is beginning now.
To participate, all you have to do is to produce one or more events, or realisations, concerning sound.
The festival absence has no precise location, nor dates, nor programme. It can take place anywhere, any time, and may include any type of sound production.
The festival absence has no financial support, publicity or media coverage. If you participate, you can let us know by sending a message to this address. The information will be collected.
Don’t hesitate to pass this on to other people who might be interested ».

This announcement is ongoing. You can share your reactions, or let us know of some action specially made for the Festival Absence, on the Forum of this website. Messages can include attached files (sound, pictures), and visitors can consult your contribution, and answer if they wish. You can also send your remarks or information more confidentially by clicking Contact, or addressing

Hyperlink Florian Ludwig

Florian Ludwig once coached my opera "Lunu" without a piano reduction - a heroic feat, I have to say. This homepage documents his many interests - it seems being a conductor at the Mannheim opera house leaves a lot of time!

Hyperlink Four-Hire Vocal quartet

The excellent Peter Schöne (and the surely equally excellent Sebastian Myrus, Elmar Stollberger und Matthias Heubusch)form this vocal quartet with a very rich and varied repertoire.
One can find many audio examples of their work on the website!

Hyperlink Fredener Musiktage

Homepage of the festival "Fredener Musiktage", where the premiere of my piano concerto "Goldberg plays" will take place on the 28th of July.

Hyperlink Genevieve Lacey, recorder player

The australian recorder player Genevieve Lacey is increasingly becoming a leading figure in the contemporary and early music scene. She is also organizinig festivals and creates interesting programs as an artistic director. Her website (with many nice pics) is very professionally done and informs extensively about her activities. Genevieve Lacey played the australian premiere of "Narcissus" for recorder and percussion and "Breathless" for recorder solo.

Hyperlink Genie & Handwerk

In their own words: "In 1999 El Conde and HelK (Helmut Krausser) decided to reanimate their
teamwork. But instead of writing Folk-Punk-Gothic-Pop, the target was to
create a very new kind of sound
uniting both intellectual and entertaining qualities, elements of classical
music, pop, jazz, easy listening, techno, experimental and minimal music.
Reunion - the name of the album - was not only meant personally, but in
addition as a recombining of popular and artificial ambitions, which at the
latest separated in musical history since the Operas of Strauss and Puccini
and the symphonies of Mahler."
"On Reunion you will find more than just one new musical style.
Some of the pieces are named "Floating Urban Music" (Berlin), others called
"Funeral Serenades" (Tsee - which is a film music sequence) do have
mythological (Plain Sails - a "Neo-Wagnerian brute-idyll"; Okeanos) or
fairy-tale origins (Hatters Ode)"
I dont have anything to add, I guess...

Hyperlink Gerhard Staebler

One of the most versatile and interesting German composers now has his own professionally designed and well structured homepage, which is certainly worth a visit. Equally impressive in German and English.

Hyperlink Gutenberg-Festival

Homepage of the Gutenberg-festival in Mainz, Germany, where I will perform Mussorgsky and Eggert this may.

Hyperlink Hand und Pfote

“Good behaviour is the key to a happy relationship between man and dog”
Dr. Roger Mugford.

Hyperlink Hess, Sebastian

I am already working for several years with the cellist Sebastian Hess - a musician who is extremely versatile and an exciting interpreter of new and classical music. he - like me - is a veritable "Internet-Freak". On his homepage you will not only find information about his musical activities, but also information about fantastic wines and flight simualators (two of his hobbies). Go there immediately!

Hyperlink Heucke, Stefan

The Composer Stefan Heucke is a fellow composer with publisher Schott, who is especially excelling in the music theatre field.

Hyperlink Hippe, Stefan

Stefan Hippe is not only one of the many brave ones that created the piano reduction of my opera "bright nights", but also a composer of considerable versimilitude. On his new website (partly finished) you can find everything about his "Lady Di"-opera for Nuremberg. The page is of special interest for accordion-players - Hippe is playing the instrument professionally and has written many scores for it.

Hyperlink Intro

Auf dieser Seite, die hauptsächlich Pop-Musik gewidmet ist, fand ich erstaunlicherweise eine Kritik von "Hämmerklavier", was mich natürlich sehr gefreut hat.

Hyperlink Irene Kurka, soprano

The extremely active singer Irene Kurka feels equally at home in classical as modern repertoire. Her homepage informs about her concert appearances and the many compositions that are being/have been written for her, among them "Ballack, you horny stud"

Hyperlink James Crabb

It was ages ago that I met James Crabb in the finals of the Gaudeamus competition (which saw a bottle of Drambuie being mutually emptied afterwards) - today he is one of the most-sought accordionists of our time. An absolutely fantastic musician with a wide range, who is also at home in the music theatre.

Hyperlink Jorge Isaac, recorders/performance/electronic

One of a new generation of virtuoso recorder players, who expand the boundaries of this often misunderstood instrument with genre crossing performances - also audible nearly all over the world with my piece "Breathless"

Hyperlink Junges Klangforum Mitte Europas

This orchestra was founded by the highly talented young conductor Christoph Altstaedt, and has already distinguished itself with thoughtful programs and won awards. In September 2005 they will premiere my double bass concerto "Primus", the soloist will be Nabil Shehata.

Hyperlink Joerg Abbing

With pleasure I herewith draw your attention to the site of the fabulous organist, improviser, teacher and wine connoisseur Joerg Abbing, who also has set himself the enormous task of practicing my piece "organ" (which I have feared to be unplayable even while writing it). I am already very curious!

Hyperlink Kai Bienert - photos of music

Kai Bienert is one of the best music photographers in Germany (proven by his website)

Hyperlink Kissinger Sommer

Even if you do not expect it on first glance: This Spa is doing a lot for contemporary music, mostly thanks to Mrs. Kahl-Wolfsjäger, who constantly organizes premieres and invites composers. On the 3rd of July there will be an interesting concert there (see concert dates).

Hyperlink Klamngmueller Music Edition

This Munich publisher is specializing on contemporary music audio plays and features two of my favorite Munich composers: Helga Pogatschar and Peter Kiesewetter

Hyperlink Kraehenbuehl, Oliver

A Swiss painter, whom I estimate especially as a friend and artist. At this homepage one can get to know his painting in a rather good quality of transfer. His paintings are moving masterfully in a space between the abstraction and realism - especially the use of colours is impressive.

Hyperlink Kulesha, Gary

Head of the canadian "Composer's Orchestra", very succesful composer and conductor (and proud of it!).

Hyperlink Kuerschners Musikkalender

Ok call me the apotheosis of vanity, but still...I have been happy about the mention contained in this text, and so happily recommend "Kuerschners Musikkalender" (only in German!)

Hyperlink Laterna magika

This theatre will premiere the piece "The Trap" which will be accompanied completely by my music.

Hyperlink Living composers project

Dan Albertson has begone to compile a "living dictionary" of even more living composers, consisting of links to websites or short bios and worklists. Everybody can mail him if s/he wants to be listed, so I encourage you to support this project so that it will be as representative as possible!

Hyperlink LOGOS foundation

In Newfoundland I met the wonderful Moniek Darge and Godfried-Willem Raes who are pioneers of New music in the truest sense (and incredibly original and funny as well). Together with Hans Roels they head the LOGOS-foundation, which organizes countless concerts, festivals, competitions and symposions. This website details their activities (up to 2006!)

Hyperlink Lothar Voigtlaender

My dear colleague Lothar Voigtlaender has created a huge "Gesamtwerk" covering all genres, from opera to radio play, from symphony to electronic music. This new website gives up-to-date info about his work and upcoming premieres.

Hyperlink Lueckers, Arno

Arno Lueckers is a very young and talented composer who already has his own homepage.

Hyperlink Marcus Antonius Wesselmann

Marcus is a very creative and active colleague who creates feascinating music as well as organizing concerts and initiating internet projects like "Modernmusix".

Hyperlink Maris-Ensemble

The inspired classical chamber music ensemble of my old conservatory- and schoolfriend Sebastian Mattes (violin - a clear and informative website

Hyperlink Markus Muench

M.M. has been working on a video opera about "Apollo 11" since 1998. For this documentary opera, reports,speeches and even sounds from the audiovisual material have been integrated into a musical language.
Stilistic influences include American Minimal Music (Steve Reich), Postmodernism, Avantgarde, Noise (John Zorn) and Morton Feldman, as well as Heiner Goebbels music for theater and radio plays...

Hyperlink Martin Tchiba - composer and pianist

Martin Tchiba is one of the great young talents of New music in Germany. He is an excellent pianist as well, which makes him something of a "rare beast". His simple but very functional website is mostly in German, but some parts are available in English as well.
Martin Tchiba: approved!

Hyperlink Matthias Arter

Matthias Arters musical vocation has followed an unconventional path.For many years now he has appeared as soloist and improviser, his lively interest in contemporary art forms and unconventional programme concepts determining new aesthetic directions... (text from the website)

Hyperlink Max Ewert

Here you can find downloads with works of my esteemed colleague Max Ewert, who not only composes but even holds scientific lectures (neurology).

Mail address Max Ewert

A highly interesting composer from the class of Heinz Winbeck (Wuerzburg Music Department), not only a musician but a specialist on the most varied topics...

Hyperlink Maxwell, Charles

The counter tenor Charles Maxwell sung in the premiere of "Bright Nights" and is also appearing in the film "One Man Band" by KLaus Voswinckel. A great singer and a very nice person!

Hyperlink Metz, Christine

A beautiful bi-lingual (German/English) blog of the artist Christine Metz

Hyperlink Michio Shirasawa, composer

Michio Shirasawa is a young japanese composer who has a very eclectic taste for Manga, new music of the radically minimalistic kind, but also for shmaltzy melodies for violin and Fender-Rhodes. One of the weirdest collection of mp3-excerpts I have heard in a long time, and I mean weird in a very positive sense!

Hyperlink Mike Fiday

Hailed as "pure magic" (American Record Guide), and "clearly structured, colorful and unflaggingly compelling work" (Philadelphia Inquirer), Michael Fiday's music has been commissioned and performed extensively throughout the United States and Europe by a diverse range of performers such as Atlanta Symphony, Oakland East Bay Symphony, Percussion Ensemble of The Hague, pianists James Tocco and Marc-Andre Hamelin, and electric guitarist Seth Josel.

Born in 1961, Michael Fiday first began his musical training as a violinist at age 11, turning his attention to composing only a few years later. His principal teachers in composition have included Richard Toensing at University of Colorado, George Crumb at University of Pennsylvania, and Louis Andriessen, with whom he studied in Amsterdam under the auspices of a Fulbright Grant. Mr. Fiday is the recipient of numerous awards, grants and residencies from, among others, BMI, ASCAP, American Composers Forum, Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, The MacDowell Colony, Yaddo, Headlands Center for the Arts, and the Ohio Arts Council. He is currently Assistant Professor of Composition at the College-Conservatory of Music at University of Cincinnati.

Hyperlink Mike Svoboda

Mike Svoboda is one of the most versatile musicians I know: trombonist, performer, improviser, composer...simply incredible. His website is absolutely up-to-date and wonderfully designed.

Hyperlink Quatuor Molinari, Canada

Here you can find informations about the Montréal-based excellent "Molinari-quartet" - which especially promotes contemporary music.

Hyperlink Moore, Thomas

The pianist Thomas Moore has a very interesting repertoire and a very good list of links to new music sites (he seems to scan the internet every day!).

Mail address Music Fair Info

On this professional site you can find an overview (in German) about any kind of trade fairs (for example music fairs) in Germany.

Hyperlink Sikorski, music publishers

My new publisher! For all direct inquiries about my pieces please contact my lector Gabriel Teschner, 040-41410033,

Hyperlink Musterschule: Vexations-Projekt

You can support this performance of "Vexations" by Erik Satie by buying single repetitions of the piece for only 10,-EUR - there is a good cause: A new piano repair for the Musterschule in Frankfurt am Main.

Hyperlink Munich tourist pages

This might be interesting for you, if you want a short round-up of the Munich music scene. All the important institutions are mentioned (yes, also A*Devantgarde!)

Hyperlink Neue Dresdner Kammermusik

What is the "Neue Dresdner Kammermusik"? An ensemble of intrepid soundseekers somewhere between Jazz, Free Jazz, New Music and improvisation. Another example of the fact that the East is glowing!

Hyperlink Nuyts, Frank

The Homepage of Frank Nuyts - a very good percussionist and composer, big fan of Frank Zappa (like me), and one of the most interesting composers of Belgium.

Hyperlink Odyssea Chorus

An interesting new project by the Portuguese composer and chor director Goncalo Lourenco. In his own words:
"Odyssea Choir founded in September 2004 is composed by 16 singers. Its main musical aim is to sing and perform living composers; therefore, the great amount of its repertoire is new and “fresh” in the sense that all the musical production of Odyssea Choir enables the premiere of composers from all over the world.

Bearing in mind this purpose a date for many concerts has already been set until December 2005. We are expecting to perform at about 12 concerts per year. In all of them we intend to do world, european or national premieres.

All composers are invited to send and write music for Odyssea Choir since one of our other objectives is to let the public know about talented performers either young or senior.

Having the possibility of working with ensembles (EvorEnsemble, Zyryab guitar quartet) it is possible to enlarge the number of members of Odyssea Choir (a maximum of 32). Composers will be given the chance of writing any pieces for the choir and their aesthetic convictions will be encouraged and respected as well."

Hyperlink Operone

A simply designed but very complete database on operas, featuring contemporary as well as classical composers. There are dozens of search themes where one can not only find composers and operas but also favourite lines or operas of a certain date. A very recommended site for anybody interested in opera.

Hyperlink OWN Productions

Film production by Otu Tetteh (Documentaries and features). They also produce the documentary "Papa Afrika" in which parts of my concert in Ghana (2003) were used. They still look for investors - I can only recommend this interesting project!

Hyperlink Paris Music Review

The Paris New Music Review, main source of sometimes very funny information about various subjects connected to contemporary music, has been reincarnated as this webzine. It is run by the two daunting brothers Hugh and Guy Livingston (cellist and pianist) and sponsored by a south african wine company. Need I say more? Find out everything about the fabled composer Newt Hinton and the Newt Hinton ensemble!

Hyperlink Paul Huebner, trumpet

This young trumpet player is a pupil of the legendary Malte Burba and is the first who is daring to record my ultra-difficult piece "In The Box" (for triple trumpet)

Hyperlink Paul Wühr

Paul Wühr was one of the poets contributing to the Neue Dichter Lieben - Munich Edition (set to music impressively by Gordon Kampe). His website is incredibly detailed and rich in content.

Hyperlink Peter Kaimer and Deep Blue Diamond

My project to collect links to all 120 websites of the phantastic "Drums of the World" that participated in the World Cup opening ceremony is continuing, this time with Peter Kaimer, who is not only a drummer, but a poet, composer and much more...

Hyperlink Peter Schoene, Baritone

This is the homepage of the lyrical baritone Peter Schoene (see also "four-hire" vocal quartet) who has been very suucesful during the last years (for example first prize at the Franz-Schubert-Competition in Graz) and who also performs many of my songs. Recommended!

Hyperlink Pfingstsymposion Munich

Ulrike Truestedt organizes this important yearly forum for musicologists, critics and musicians from all genres in Munich - on the budget of a shoestring. It is one of the most regarded events of its kind in Germany!

Hyperlink Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble, Vienna

One of the foremost Austrian New-Music-Ensembles, with an excellent program that is fully detailed on their website

Hyperlink Prinssen, Belle

Belle Prinssen is a dutch webmaster with a very good page about classical and contemporary music, which also features the Internet-Symphony.

Hyperlink Prof. Peter Hollfelder

Prof. Peter Hollfelder - himself a pianist - is the editor and author of various major works concentrating on piano music history - so far only in German, but very interesting for all fans of piano music.

Hyperlink Ralph Shaw, king ofthe ukulele

He is the KING and we met him at the Sound Symposium in Newfoundland - Ralph Shaw is a fantastic entertainer who combines nostalgic charme and songs from the 20s and 30s with improvised stories. No, it is not new music, but he is GOOD!
Stefan Raab weat your heart out!

Hyperlink Real-Video with Yaron Windmueller and Moritz Eggert

Quite accidentally I found this short, very nicely filmed real-video of "Rondeau Allemagne" (from "Neue Dichter Lieben" , Expo 2000 performance, with Yaron Windmueller and myself) - very recommended!

Hyperlink Recorder Homepage

Since I have become a composer for recorder (through "Breathless") I just HAVE to recommend this site...

Hyperlink Reinhard Kaaden

Dear Reinhard, you link me, I link you - thats a matter of honor! Was ist das Geheimnis des magischen Dorfes?

Hyperlink Schott Musik International

The homepage of my publishers - freshly updated!

Hyperlink Septima Practica

"Septima Practica" is an argentinan organization dedicated to new music that regularly organizes "calls for scores" and concerts with composers from all around the world.

Hyperlink Sequenza 21

An excellent community for classical music, with many up-to-date blogs, among them "An Overgrown Path" by Bob Shingleton (see link)

Hyperlink Sound Symposium Newfoundland

We will spend some time this summer in St. Johns, Canada/Newfoundland, to visit this long-existing and very interesting festival of experimental and unusual music at an equally unusual location. Highly recommended!

Hyperlink Soundways

Here you’ll find informations about the "SoundWays"-Festival in St. Petersburg, where I will play in November.

Hyperlink Stefan Hetzel

"The aesthetic situation..of a composer born in the 60's is totally fucked up"...let's make the best of this and visit the informative pages of Stefan Hetzel, MIDI, reviews and more (in German only)

Hyperlink Stefan Pohlit

from his website:

"stefan pohlit explores musical intervals as a language of subtle emotional qualities. on the simple basis of arithmetic relationships, he unfolds the dynamic counterpoint of a logical formal drama that extends into highest microtonal complexity.

from upon his intercultural perspective, trained after long residence in the middle east, the composer and theorist reveals the discreet connections between musical substance and the decisive mental, spiritual, and social intersections of a new global perception."

Hyperlink Steffen Wick

My student Steffen Wick is succesful in several genres, which is well-documented on his website.

Hyperlink Studio fuer Neue Musik Siegen

Professor Martin Herchenroeder is the artistic director of a concert series dedicated to contemporary music. On the of May 2001: Premiere of my piece "Narcissus" for recorder and percussion (Petra de Gans, recorder, Thomas Meixner, percussion)

Hyperlink Svoboda, Mike

One of the best trombonists in the scene and a fantastic and versatile musician.

Hyperlink Swingle Singers

New and much better version of my English friends, the "Swingle Singers". Really worth a look!

Hyperlink Tapio Tuomela

Under the unassuming web adresse hides the highly professional website of the composer and pianist Tapio Tuomela, on which he presents his ideas in pictures, sound and text (in downloadable Finale score examples as well). Tapio belongs to the most interesting finnish composers of the younger generation - I am sure we will continue to hear from him!

Hyperlink Tims Music database

Tim has set himself a task reminding of Sisyphos: He records a lot of music from the radio every day. He listens to all of it - a lot! And then he puts all pieces he has listened to at least 10 times in his gigantic database, which already has thousands of entries, mostly classical/contemporary music.

Hyperlink Tobias Eggert

My very clever cousin, who works on the real-life realization of the warp drive.

Hyperlink Tobias Giesen

Tobias Giesen is a composer and very active in the discussion of the handling of royalties in the Internet.

Hyperlink Tools for Finale

Interesting tools for the "Finale" music-notator.

Hyperlink Urheberrechtsausgleich oder Subventionssteuer

Obwohl ich mit dem Fazit dieses Artikels nicht unbedingt vollkommen konform bin, ist er dennoch sehr interessant, da hier in einem Test bewiesen wurde, daß tatsächlich sehr viele Neue Musik aus dem Netz geladen wird - was ich persönlich nicht gedacht hätte. Sehr gut rechecherchiert, mit vielen Verweisen und Kommentaren zu einer, wie ich finde, wichtigen Diskussion

Hyperlink Uwe Struebing

Uwe Struebing is a dear colleague, who - similarly to Charles Ives - is composer as a "2nd profession". He will appear on "Variations IV.01" at our A*Devantgarde-Festival. Not only there, but also on this professionally designed homepage you can find examples of his varied work.

Hyperlink Via Nova Choir

This excellent and famed choir performs exclusively modern music, and premiered my piece "Celephais" (long, long ago....).

Hyperlink VioWorld KLassik - der Markt für Musiker und Musikinteressierte

(only available in German) this is an exchange and information forum for classical musicians in Germany - lots of info, very up-to-date, recommended for musicians seeking jobs, instruments, promotion, etc.

Hyperlink Vladimir Pavic, actor

The incomparable "Vladi" is one of my oldest and best friends and also a great actor. One of the allround nicest guys I've ever met!
To mark the start of his new movie "Balkan Traffic" (start in cinemas 2007) he has created a good website with lots of photos, which is very recommended!

Hyperlink Voigt, Thomas

T. Voigt multifaceted interest in music shows itself in various compositions, among them many for guitar. On his homepage you will find his patented dancing notes, many funny texts, and links to similarly active artistic entrepeneurs.

Hyperlink Vox Novus/ 60x60 project

The composer Rob Voisey programs this website and the yearly "60x60" project for which composers from all over the world are asked to write electronic pieces which last only a minute.

Hyperlink Witzmann, Thomas

New homepage of the German percussionist Thomas Witzmann, who writes interesting performance pieces.

Hyperlink Wolfgang Lischke, conductor

This is the agency site of the conductor of the world premiere of "Freax", Wolfgang Lischke, who proved incredibly stamina and ability in overcoming the difficulties of this production. He can now easily be selected for the most extreme tasks, like concerts in crisis areas (i.e. Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.) :-)

Hyperlink Yaron Windmueller

My dear friend Yaron Windmueller is one of the top-performers of New Music - and so much more. HIs baritone voice has converted many to New music (among them the designer of these pages: Andreas Heck)

Hyperlink Zemlinsky-Prize

The official press release about the Zemlinsky-Prize.

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