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Breaking The Waves - Call (2010)

  Electronic music - Hörspiele

  prologue for open air project Breaking The Waves
completed 07/05/2010

text Moritz Eggert

voices 4 speakers

duration 11'

world premiere 07/10/2010
CBC Newfoundland (Canada), Radio

see also Breaking The Waves (Open Air Performance)
The eternal song
Number Nine VII: Mas

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The One Minute Piece That Took Me Ages To Do And Which Is Really Impressive (2004)

  Electronic music - Hörspiele

  Sound collage
work list 146-04-HW

completed 08/04/2004

instruments electronic music (tape)

duration 1'

world premiere 11/07/2004
2nd annual Vox Novus concert
New York (USA), UNDER St. Marks

special Composed for the 60x60 project by Vox Novus, New York

texts The One Minute Piece....short accompanying text

It should be noted that my piece for 60x60 uses only natural sounds (produced by the mouth of the composer) without any electronic tinkering or modulation.

[ 22.10.2004 ]
The One Minute Piece...short text about the piece

It should be noted that my piece for 60x60 uses only natural sounds (produced by the mouth of the composer) without any electronic tinkering or modulation.

[ 04.08.2004 ]



the complete piece

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The search for the KlaNNg (2001)
Atanasio Khyrsh and the music of the future

  Stage Works - Hörspiele

  Contains new sound collages and original music, also excerpts from the following pieces: The eternal song, (version for strings), Haemmerklavier II, III, X, The meal of Mr. Orlong, Nemesis, Number Nine III, Sandbox-Variations, Loud and fearless, Adagio - An Answered Question, Breathless, Stardog, Symphonie 1.0, home sweet home (old version)
work list 98-99-HW

completed 10/28/1999

text based on a manuscript by Moritz Eggert

voices 7 Sprecher

instruments Musik, Klangcollagen

duration 1 h 35'

world premiere 03/07/2001
Ulrike Arnold, Michael Quast, Dinah Schuebel, Peter Pruchniewitz, Moritz Eggert
HR 2 (Hessian Radio, Germany)

special can also be performed live, with 4 speakers, piano (ad lib.) and tape

dedicated Andrea Heuser

texts Auf der Suche nach dem KlaNNg, erster Entwurf für eine Bühnenversion


GENIE UND KLANGSINN der Komponist Atanasio Khyrsh

Das Stück ist die erstaunliche und spannende Biographie des fiktiven Komponisten Atanasio Khyrsh .
Aus merkwürdigen Klangcollagen, verschiedenen philosophischen und ironis... [more]

[ 23.02.2004 ]
Auf der Suche nach dem KlaNNg, expos for an international radio version

THE SEARCH FOR KLANNG Atanasio Khyrsh and the music of the future
Short description:
This very unusual radio play would be a 1 h 35 minutes project. The radio play pretends to be a live transmission in 23 countries, produced at the same time in different l... [more]

[ 04.03.2004 ]

see also The eternal song
Auf der Suche nach dem Klanng (textbook)
Home sweet home (old version)
Symphony 1.0
Star dog
Adagio - An Answered Question
Loud and fearless
Sandbox - Variations
Number Nine III
The meal of Mr. Orlong
Haemmerklavier IX
Haemmerklavier III
Haemmerklavier II
The Behr-Khyrsh project

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Grossstadtmenschen (1986)
poetry by Matthias Drawe

  Stage Works - Hörspiele

  enthält: "3 Vitrinen" für Klavier Solo
completed 1986

text text: Matthias Drawe

duration 45'

world premiere 01/04/1986
Moritz Eggert, pf.
Hessian Radio (Germany)

special Klavier Solo

see also 3 showcases

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