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The meal of Mr. Orlong (1988)
opera for actors

  Stage Works - Operas/ music theatre

  music for a silent play

Einladungskarte der UA
Einladungskarte der UA
© Design Colin Walker

work list 14-87-HW

completed 12/05/1987

text Libretto: Moritz Eggert

movements I. The Night
II. Mr. Orlong gets dressed
III. The man in the moon
IV. The stagehands appear
IX. Setting up the conductor's stand
V. The man in the moon (2)
VI. The drinking automatons
VII. The stagehands appear for the second time
VIII. The stagehands appear for the thrid time
X. The man in the moon (3)
XI. The man in the moon (4)
XII. The night (2)
XIII. Overture (in the style of the old masters)
XIV. Entering the stage
XV. Leaving the stage

voices Alto, Tenor, Bass, heroic tenor ad lib.

instruments Cor angl., Ten.-Sax, Bass-Clar., 2 Bn. - Cemb., Harm., Celesta, Pf. - Percussion (1 player) - Strings

duration 1 h 30'

world premiere 02/24/1988
Ensemble fuer Neue Musik, Muenchen, Roger Epple, cond., Director: Peer Martiny, stage design/costumes: Colin Walker, with: Silvia Fichtl, Sopr., Markus Brutscher, Ten., Donald George, Ten., Markus Hollop, Bar., Michael Hell (Mr. Orlong), Peter Luppa (the moon man), Grace Yoon (dancer), Sabrina Ascacebar, Andreas Borcherding, Dietmar Moessmer, Uta Tietje, Hans H. Steinberg
Munich (Germany), Gasteig, Carl-Orff-Saal

special silent action, singers sing out of orchestra pit mostly, some scenes without music, tape, theatrical actions by musicians




Excerpt from a non-vocal version of "The Night", played by the Staatsorchester Darmstadt, conducted by Moritz Eggert

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