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Song (1996)
from "Bright Nights"
version for voice and small ensemble

  Vocal music - Singing with instruments

  version for voice and small ensemble of an aria from the opera "Bright Nights"
work list 66a-96-HW

completed 03/10/1996

text text: vocalises

voices soprano

instruments Soprano-Sax., Ten.-Sax, Double-Bn.., Acc., Pf., Synthesizer, Vc.

duration 5'

world premiere 04/18/1996
Eric deClercq, cond., Jenny Haisma, soprano, Newt Hinton Ensemble
Rotterdam (Niederlande), Zaal de Unie

soundcarrier Portr├Ąt-CD Moritz Eggert

see also Bright Nights (original version, reworked version)

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