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Symphony 1.0 (1997)

  Orchestral works - Chamber orchestra
also look at Musiktheater und Performance

  for 12 or more typewriters
work list 73-97-HW

completed 06/15/1997

movements I. Introduction and Allegro
II. Aria

instruments 4 solo, 8 or more tutti typewriters

duration 10'

world premiere 11/29/1997
Julia Schoelzel, Siegfried Mauser, Moritz Eggert, solo typewriters
Munich (Germany), Haus der Kunst, "American Night"

special performance-elements, "Concerto Grosso


texts Symphony 1.0, short text about the piece

Symphony 1.0
For 12 typewriters

This piece is the first in a series of “weird symphonies” for unusual instrumentes, and was followed by “Symphony 2.0” for ship’s horns or car horns and “Symphony 3.0” for kazoos and any combination of instruments.
“Symphony 1.0” w... [more]

[ 16.06.2003 ]
symphony 1.0, translation of performance notes

Symphonie 1.0
For 12 mechanical typewriters

English translations


1) CR = Carriage Return, the left lever is used to „roll“ the carriage from left to right.
2) Type on any letter-key (stems down: left hand, stems up: right hand)

[ 29.09.2004 ]
Text from the american premiere of "Symphony 1.0"

Moritz Eggert
Symphony 1.0

notes by Jane Jaffe

Moritz Eggert’s Symphony 1.0 might be considered in the category of a concerto grosso since it pits four solo instruments (concertino) against an ensemble of eight other instruments (ripieno). There is nothing Baroqu... [more]

[ Jane Jaffe , 08.07.2003 ]



First Movement, all typewriters played with overdub by Moritz Eggert

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