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The search for the KlaNNg (2001)
Atanasio Khyrsh and the music of the future

  Stage Works - Hörspiele

  Contains new sound collages and original music, also excerpts from the following pieces: The eternal song, (version for strings), Haemmerklavier II, III, X, The meal of Mr. Orlong, Nemesis, Number Nine III, Sandbox-Variations, Loud and fearless, Adagio - An Answered Question, Breathless, Stardog, Symphonie 1.0, home sweet home (old version)
work list 98-99-HW

completed 10/28/1999

text based on a manuscript by Moritz Eggert

voices 7 Sprecher

instruments Musik, Klangcollagen

duration 1 h 35'

world premiere 03/07/2001
Ulrike Arnold, Michael Quast, Dinah Schuebel, Peter Pruchniewitz, Moritz Eggert
HR 2 (Hessian Radio, Germany)

special can also be performed live, with 4 speakers, piano (ad lib.) and tape

dedicated Andrea Heuser

texts Auf der Suche nach dem KlaNNg, erster Entwurf für eine Bühnenversion


GENIE UND KLANGSINN – der Komponist Atanasio Khyrsh

Das Stück ist die erstaunliche und spannende Biographie des fiktiven Komponisten Atanasio Khyrsh .
Aus merkwürdigen Klangcollagen, verschiedenen philosophischen und ironis... [more]

[ 23.02.2004 ]
Auf der Suche nach dem KlaNNg, exposé for an international radio version

THE SEARCH FOR „KLANNG“ – Atanasio Khyrsh and the music of the future
Short description:
This very unusual radio play would be a 1 h 35 minutes project. The radio play pretends to be a live transmission in 23 countries, produced at the same time in different l... [more]

[ 04.03.2004 ]

see also The eternal song
Auf der Suche nach dem Klanng (textbook)
Home sweet home (old version)
Symphony 1.0
Star dog
Adagio - An Answered Question
Loud and fearless
Sandbox - Variations
Number Nine III
The meal of Mr. Orlong
Haemmerklavier IX
Haemmerklavier III
Haemmerklavier II
The Behr-Khyrsh project

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