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Loud and fearless (1990)

  Chamber music - Piano solo

  by "Atanasio Khyrsh" (written together with Sandeep Bhagwati), for piano solo with assistants
work list 26-90-NW

completed 1990

voices singing assistants ad lib.

instruments piano solo, assistants playing any instrument

duration 13'

world premiere 11/22/1990
Moritz Eggert, pf., Hardy Wenzel, Vla., Lutz Landwehr, Sandeep Bhagwati, Peter Frey, voice, Jelka Weber, assistant
Munich (Germany), A*Devantgarde, Gasteig, Black Box

special Improvised Passages, use of unusual extra instruments (kitchen clocks, mechanical toys, radios, etc.), assistents play other instruments and sing, performance-elements

see also The search for the KlaNNg

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