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Dr. Booger Suite (2005)

  Orchestral works - Large ensemble
also look at Operas/ music theatre

work list 115c-05-NW

completed 09/30/2005

instruments Orchestra (children and youths): recorder quintet (sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, bass), 2 Fl., Ob., Clar. (B), saxophone quartet (soprano, alto, tenor, bass), bass cl., Bsn. – 2 Tr. (in Bb), Hn., ten.-tb. – tba. – timpani – percussion (3 players), sound orchestra (min. 4 players) – 2 electr. Guit., electric bass, drumset, keyboards (organ), celesta, cembalo, piano – strings: (or more)

duration 30'

world premiere 12/06/2005
Jugendsymphonierochester der Musikschule Marzahn/Hellerau, Jobst Liebrecht, conductor
Berlin (Germany); FEZ Wuhlheide, Grosser Saal

publication Schott

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