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Breaking The Waves (Open Air Performance) (2010)

  Stage Works - Musiktheater und Performance

  Theatrical Open-Air-Performance for the Sound Symposium
Music: Symphony 3.0, „Trilocke 1 und 2, Passagen, Evokation, Akkorde“ (Processional), Trommlerprolog, Drums Of The World, Wende dich zu mir, Kisses In The Air, Breaking The Waves (World Premiere)
completed 07/10/2010

instruments 12 Percussionists, 7 brass players, various other performers, 3 actors

duration 1 h

world premiere 07/10/2010
With artists of the Sound Symposium and percussion ensemble „The Scruncheons“, Moritz Eggert, conductor
St. John’s, Neufundland (CAN), Sound Symposium 2010, Cape Spear



see also Symphony 3.0
Processional: 2 Trilockes
Processional: Passages
Processional: Evocation/Accord
Opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup 2006
Wende dich zu mir / Vom Schiff weg ...
Kisses in the air
Breaking The Waves
Breaking The Waves - Call

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