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Breathless (1995)

  Chamber music - Solo

  for 4 recorders and 1 player
work list 57-94-HW

completed 11/13/1994

instruments 1 soprano-, 2 alto-, 1 renaissance-alto recorder

duration 8'

world premiere 10/22/1995
Naomi Graham, recorders
London (GB), Moeck-recorder-competition finals, Royal college of music

special two recorders are played at the same time throughout most of the piece, various modern playing techniques

dedicated Naomi Graham

soundcarrier Ausser Atem
Porträt-CD Moritz Eggert
Blockflute Short Cuts

scores Schott OFB 1920


Ausschnitt aus dem St�ck in dem Film "One Man Band" von Klaus Voswinckel, Naomi Graham, Blockfl�te
Excerpt from the piece from the film "One Mand Band" by Klaus Voswinckel, Naomi Graham, recorder

texts short text about the piece in English

In this piece the player uses three different types of recorders: soprano, alto (in F) and alto (in G). Inspired by the ancient Greek aylos-playing techniques these recorders are very often played in pairs at the same time, in different combinations. Sometimes the vocal element (... [more]

[ Moritz Eggert , 24.04.2016 ]

The possibility of having one performer play two recorders at the same time has always held a fascination for me. Not only did I feel that this technique had not been fully explored - I was also drawn to the intensity that a playing technique like this automatically demands by a performer(especially... [more]

[ 1994/95 ]
Ausser Atem - kurzer Text zum Stück


In diesem Stück werden drei verschiedene Blockflöten benutzt, Sopran-, Alt in F- und Alt in G- Blockflöte. Das Besondere ist, daß über weite Strecken des Stückes zwei Flöten auf einmal gespielt werden, in verschiedensten Kombinationen. G... [more]

[ 23.04.2003 ]

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