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Home sweet home (old version) (1991)
Alte Fassung

  Stage Works - Operas/ music theatre

  chamber opera "von Atanasio Khyrsh, 1965", written together with Peter Frey, Axel Singer, Markus Schmitt und Sandeep Bhagwati

Bio des Komponisten Atanasio Khyrsh
Bio des Komponisten Atanasio Khyrsh

work list 34-91-NW

completed 1991

text text: Moritz Eggert, together with Peter Frey, Axel Singer, Markus Schmitt, Sandeep Bhagwati

voices 4 singers (Sop., Alto, Ten., Bass)

instruments Clar. (B), Tr., Vc., percussion (1 player), Pf./Synthesizer (1 player)

duration 55'

world premiere 06/08/1991
director: Tanja Gronde, conductor: Jobst Liebrecht, with Dietrich Henschel (Bariton), Bernhard Hirtreiter (Tenor) and others
Munich (Germany), Musikhochschule, 1st A*Devantgarde-Festival

special various contemporary playing techniques, tape

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Wir sind daheim (old Version/Libretto)
Home sweet home (new version)

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