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Angels/Signs/Journey (1996)
3 orchestral interludes from "Bright Nights"

  Orchestral works - Large ensemble

  for orchestra
work list 66b-96-BE

completed 11/02/1996

instruments Orchestra: Rec. (Garklein-, Discant-, Soprano-, Alto-, Tenor-, Bass-), Clar. (B), Ten.-Sax, Bass-Clar., Bn./Contrabn. - picc.Tr., Tr., Euph., Tb., Tba. - Percussion (2 players), Mouth Percussion (1 player) - Solo-Vl., Solo-Vla., Solo-Vc., E-Guit., E-Bass - Acc., Pf./Harmonium, MIDI-Keyb. (2 players) - strings

duration 13'

world premiere 0

special amplified mouth percussion, various amplified instruments, use of MIDI-samples

see also Bright Nights (original version, reworked version)

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